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Wholesale OEM & ODM Versatile Paper Packaging Boxes


Just Consider OEM & ODM for your next project! 

Remember the feeling or day when you picked up your first iPhone and after taking off the plastic seal you saw a white sleek box? At the very moment when you touched the box, you felt the importance, significance & quality of this device. And it is no coincidence! 

Be it Apple or any other famous brand, they always meticulously strategized how they would go about packaging their product to demonstrate their brand experience. Indeed, packaging plays an important role to determine the value of the product or a brand. Due to innovation in packaging filed, wholesale product packaging always steals the show because the custom design adds more class and grace to your packaging. 

Moreover, ODM & OEM custom packaging boosts the business revenues along with a powerful impact on customers because our custom packaging designs will surely distinguish you from the competitors via our ODM visually appealing designs. Our packaging boxes are easy to carry, accessible & reasonable. Before going ahead we would like to explain the difference between ODM and OEM. 

Difference between OEM and ODM

OEM is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer, also known as fixed-point production, commonly known as contract manufacturing (production). The basic meaning of OEM is that brand producers do not directly produce products, but use their own key core technologies to design and develop new products and control sales channels. The specific processing task of the original equipment manufacturer entrusts other manufacturers of similar products to produce through contract order, then buy out the ordered products at a low price and affix their own brand trademark directly.

This kind of cooperation mode of entrusting others with production is referred to as OEM, and the manufacturer who undertakes the processing task is called OEM manufacturer, and its products are called OEM products.

ODM means the original design manufacturer. It refers to the mode of production in which the buyer entrusts the manufacturer to provide all the services from R & D, design to production and post-maintenance, and the buyer is responsible for the sale. The buyer sometimes authorizes its brand and agrees to the manufacturer to produce products with its own brand. 

We excel in both terms and offer excellent packaging quality.

Benefits of custom packaging

  • Increasing Brand Awareness: The best thing about custom packaging is that it increases brand awareness greatly because customers will not forget it even after leaving the store as its special packaging helps to distinguish your product from similar products. 
  • Increasing Customer Loyalty: Custom packaging also increases your customer loyalty. When customers get your company’s product in fancy custom packaging, they think they are grabbing something special. And these feelings compel them to get your brand again and again. 
  • Enhancing Product Perception: Custom Packaging can make your product in an unique appearance which will increases your product’s perception and makes it luxurious and eye-catching, as a result, will pushes your customer to want it more strongly. 
  • Improving Protection: Custom packaging provides good protection against different product items. It can help your product from being damaged or crushed during transportation and maintenance. 
  • Increasing Product Resale Value: Custom Packaging also increases resale value as the customer pays more for those products that are adorned with stylish packaging. 

Common types of paper used for box packaging 

As we know, different products need different types of packaging because their packaging purposes might be different. If you want to deliver premium quality products, you will need to use high-grade paper packaging, and for non-luxury items, you can just use lower graded paper with more economical prices. Similarly, paperboard and paper are commonly used in folding cartons, milk cartons, sacks & bags, and wrapping paper, etc. 

The primary packaging paper includes matte, coated, impregnated, coated with different materials like resins, waxes, or lacquers, to improve its protective and functional properties. There are many different types of paper used in box packaging. 

  • Kraft paper

This packaging paper is available in many forms like natural brown, heavy-duty, unbleached, and bleached white. Kraft paper is one of the strongest packaging paper and is usually used in wrapping & bags. Kraft paper is also used to store sugar, pack flour, dried vegetables, and fruits. 

  •  Corrugated board 

Corrugated board paper is designed with 2 layers of kraft paper along with corrugating fluting paper in the center. Fibreboard creates resistance to crushing damage and abrasion. 

  • Baking Paper

Baking paper is usually made from the acid-treated pulp as the acid makes it impervious and smoother to water plus oil to pour some wet strength. It does not offer a barrier to air and moisture and is used to pack lard & butter. 

  • Greaseproof Paper

Greaseproof paper is usually used for cookies, candy bars, snack foods, and oily foods. 

OEM & ODM is an ideal and economic choice for retailers! 

Indeed, product packaging companies know exactly the rising competition and are very familiar with how they can bring innovative packaging solutions to present their products in the market. This is the reason that they choose wholesale product packaging as it not only protects the products but also adds value to the product. 

Commonly, people consider that product packaging is quite expensive, but actually, it is not as considered. The custom packaging can be cost-effective for retailers and manufacturers. 

Furthermore, our affordable & sustainable product packaging adds more profit to sellers’ pockets. The cost-saving packaging boxes not only enhance your brand’s integrity but impact positively on the buyers. 

Can be customized in several shapes & sizes to fit in variety of products

Attractive & eye-catching shapes lure the customers and give an outclass look to your packaging. Gone are the days, when individuals liked straightforward & plain boxes, nowadays, people are behind something attractive & exciting. 

Our classy and versatile packaging designs are a major turn-on for our ambitious buyers. Therefore, we offer custom packaging boxes in various styles (for example tuck-end, pillow, mailer, two-piece, sleeves, and display boxes), shapes, and sizes. Our fantastic and awesome packaging style will surely stand out from your brand from the rest. 

Manufactured with high quality materials for excellent durability

We designed high-quality packaging boxes which have excellent durability & eco-friendly features. Because we know your concerns regarding environmental protection. 

Our wholesale packaging boxes have plenty of options if you really want to protect your valuable products from breakage, damage, and ensure maintain their shape & safety during shipping. 

As the standard packaging boxes are not durable and strong to provide adequate protection and our custom packaging boxes bring strength and are used for various purposes. Moreover, nowadays, people want our eco-friendly custom packaging boxes that have no environmental harm. 

What we offer about custom paper packaging boxes

  1. different styles and shapes: the normal boxes we make including corrugated boxes; top and bottom boxes, both in cardboard paper and hardcover; flap boxes; drawer boxes; cylinder boxes; pillow boxes etc. We can custom any other special shapes as well according to your need.
  2. with different paper weight: with different sizes and usages, the paper weight can be different, like 200gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, 500gsm or hardcover can be all offered by us.
  3. with different techniques: techniques available for paper boxes including gold foiling; silver foiling; spot UV; UV varnish; matte/glossy lamiante; oil finishing; engraving etc. You can just send us your design artwork for checking and we can suggest the most suitable for making it well. 
  4. custom packing: we can pack the boxes during shipping according to your own  requirement, and any other special need are welcomed. 
So are you interested in our service for your next packing project? If so, please just get in touch with us and we will try our best to make your ideas come true and be fully satisfied with us!

Emiee Zhang

Emiee Zhang

Emiee, the sales manager of Beneme Company, has been involved in printing and packaging field and foreign trade business for 9 years now. She is fluent in English communication, and has talked with a lot of customers and helped them to get their items customized. Many customers start from zero to a huge sale of some hot printing items with her cooperation.


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