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Seven Most Common Paper Types and New Trends In Printing

Hey My friend, good day! In each field, its material is one of the most important factor that related to a product’s final quality. So in our printing and packaging as well as stationery filed, paper is such a factor. So here I would like to share with you this basic but very important factor-the typical paper types in our field and the trends people like to use now regarding printing items. Hope this will help you to know better which paper type is “right” for your project!

Generally, we classify our printing paper into the following seven most common types:

Matte Coated Paper

Glossy Coated Paper

Silk Coated Paper
Uncoated Paper

Kraft Paper
Corrugated Paper
Cardstock/ Cardboard


1. Matte coated paper


Matte coated paper paper is finished with a fine white coating that helps boost contrast, making ink dry faster (speeding up the printing process), and eliminates glare (making the page easier to read). It has a soft, textured feel to it.

Matte coated paper is widely used to create books, magazines, brochures or any other larger copy-based print. It is commonly used because of its cheap price, but for sure, it could not elicit the same feelings of “quality” or elegance that other paper types can provide.

2. Glossy coated paper


In contrast to matte coated paper, glossy coated paper is also finished with a fine white coating, but it has an incredibly high shine and a smooth tactile feel. Usually if matte coated paper suit for your project, glossy one should be also OK, but the effect will be surely different. You can choose a better one depending on your preference. In our normal works, matte coated paper usually reflects a higher end effect with its texture, while glossy one is more eye-catching at the first seeing.

Glossy coated paper is a popular choice for creating projects that feature a lot of color or sharp, high-resolution images. Thus, it is commonly used for print catalogues, leaflets, postcard, menus, and photo books.


3. Silk coated paper


Silk coated paper is made by binding silk fibres together. It is something that between matte coated paper and glossy coated paper. It has a smooth surface, but not so shiny as glossy paper, while at the same time, it has the soft feel as matte paper.

Silk coated paper is a kind of luxurious paper with its smooth surface and soft touch. It is mainly used to make high quality leaflets, portfolios, books or other high-end printing materials. 

4. Uncoated paper


Like its name, uncoated paper is without any coating on its surface, thus making it the perfect medium for ink use and absorbency. Bond paper, glazed paper, two-sided offset paper all belong to uncoated types. 

Because it is lacking of coating, it is easly being used for printers and pen-use. Therefore, it is mostly used as the inner pages of notebooks and planners, as well as letterheads and envelopes. Compared to coated one, its price is relatively lower as well. So if you are in pursuit of something cheap, you can consider this kind of paper as well if it suits.

5. Kraft Paper/Craft Paper


Kraft paper, also wrote as craft paper in some countries. It is a kind of high-strength wrapping paper with tough texture and high strength. The surface of the paper is yellowish brown and is made of softwood kraft pulp. 

Kraft paper is mainly used to create envelopes, paper bags, folder bags or the surface paper for packaging boxes. Most people might take kraft paper as just brown kraft, but actually the kraft paper can be in many different colors. So next time, when you are considering kraft paper, don’t be limited by its color. 

6. Corrugated Paper


Corrugated paper is pressed into corrugated shape in the production process, and after being made into corrugated board, it will provide the cardboard with elasticity and flat compressive strength, and affect the vertical compressive strength. It consists of a fluted corrugated sheet inside and one or two flat linerboards outside. It is used for boxes in most times in our field. According to its composition, it can be divided into A/B/C/D/E five types. It is used for boxes in most times in our field, with three or five-layer flutes, used as shipping and moving boxes or stocking boxes. 

7. Cardstock/cardboard


Cardboard paper typically refers to a thick paper stock or heavy paper-pulp. It is a kind of flat paper with smooth surface and strong texture. Because of its hardness, cardboard is widely used in many of our items, like cards, tags, book covers, notebook covers, paper folders, paper bags, or some packaging boxes. It is liked by many customers. In the market, there are different types of this paper as well in different quality. The one we use is normally the higher quality one: Dutch cardboard or England cardboard. 

Besides the above seven mostly common paper types, there are also many others, which are all called as art paper. They are mainly for high end products with its high prices and special surfaces. Among them, some are particularly liked by people now, like cotton paper and linen paper, which is widely used for quality cards and tags.

New Trends


Recycled paper is a trend pursued by many customers nowadays, which is also called FSC certified paper. It is the paper that is reprocessed into paper again after being collected. Compared with virgin paper, producing recycled paper involves between 28% and 70% less energy consumption and also less water is used, which means it produces fewer polluting emissions to air and water. Recycled paper does not refer to one specific paper, actually many different kinds of paper can be recycled, including office paper, newspaper, cardboard paper, kraft paper and some uncoated paper. So recyclyed paper is used for many items as well, including notebooks and planners, paper bags, cards and envelopes, folders, and some packaging boxes. See below examples we made

Acid-free paper is another trend in making notebooks and planners in our field. Compared with normal paper, it can last many years without becoming yellow or breaking down, so it is used commonly in the long term storage of art, documents etc. If you want to keep your notes in a long time, you can consider to use notebook and planner made of this paper. The following are some of the works we made with acid-free paper:

Thank you so much for your reading of this. So do you have any ideas about which paper to use for your own projects now? If you want to know more or you are still confused with them, you can just contact us and we will find out the ideal paper for your project! Thanks again and wish you a wonderful day!

Emiee Zhang

Emiee Zhang

Emiee, the sales manager of Beneme Company, has been involved in printing and packaging field and foreign trade business for 9 years now. She is fluent in English communication, and has talked with a lot of customers and helped them to get their items customized. Many customers start from zero to a huge sale of some hot printing items with her cooperation.


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