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Popular Types of Packaging Boxes: Choose the one You Desire

No matter which type of packaging you want to send your loved ones, there are plenty of boxes that will suit your needs perfectly. Having which type of box you need to choose, however, is another story.

There are multiple elements that all quality boxes have in common, that are essentially working to boost your customer’s overall brand experience.

Without further ado, let’s explore the most common types of packaging boxes and how they keep your product safe plus protected while delivering an impressive branding experience. Stay tuned with us & Read on…

Folding Carton Boxes

Commonly known as custom boxes, these paperboard boxes are generally used for countless product packaging that we see in stores. These carton boxes are mostly designed with a tuck flap on one of both ends of the box. Whether you are shipping candles, lightweight items, or clothes, candles, folding carton boxes offer a great way to safely & securely deliver your package into the hands of your customers.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes provide a stronger plus more durable option for your product packaging. Rigid boxes are made with stronger materials, and thus could not be collapsed, unlike traditional boxes. To ensure its softness a bit plus make it more eye-catching to consumers, rigid-style boxes are sometimes wrapped separately with something else that allows a bit more design freedom and adds an aesthetic “brandability” touch to the look.

Full Overlap Boxes

These styles of boxes have specific outside flaps which overlap the width of the given box, adding incredible durability plus providing an excellent carrying service on which you may be fully creative. As a true “best of both worlds” so, when it comes to packaging.

Telescope Boxes

Telescope boxes come in two parts, plus much in the similar way that a telescope lid always covers the lens, in addition, this box has the capability to remove its lid in a similar fashion. Many luxury and stylish products are boxed & secured in this way to offer a sort of unboxing feel & sophistication to the moment.

Collapsible Boxes

Collapsible boxes are most popular with consumers & manufacturers alike. For product manufacturers, Collapsible boxes offer a great deal of help and high flexibility in terms of design, and they also lend themselves exclusively to branding initiatives. Customers love them due to their unique characteristics as they are easy to collapse plus possibly reused. In addition, due to collapsible features, you can save more on shipping costs.

Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

Although the name of this type of box is highly complicated, the way it works is excellent & anything but. You can build up the box even without the need for glue or tape, and the box will hold well just by folding the ends plus tucking them into the front. Baked & ready-made goods are often shipped by using these styles of boxes, and the design possibilities are boundless. The top of the box can be transparent totally up to you to showcase the goods inside, which makes it a popular choice for yummy & delectable food.

Mailer Boxes

These types of boxes are popular retail-ready plus can be shipped directly in the mail, without any additional packaging. When you receive these beautiful & awesome subscription boxes from amazon, FabFitFun, and the like, your feeling vibes stutter. And these are also delivered to you in stunning mailer boxes.

Shoulder Boxes

This unique style of box you don’t  see often, but that also makes it stand out more even when you do see it. The lid & the base of this box don’t touch each other, and the middle of this box is where the product is stored safely. This middle part is known as the shoulder of the box. Using contrasting colors or bright colors in the middle of the product is a great way to make the box eye-catching plus helps it stand out even more.

Regular Slotted Container Boxes

With these types of boxes, we observe that the flaps are the same length, so we can easily ship smaller plus lightweight items one at a time. Unfortunately, not like others, this convenience and ease come at the high cost of some design features, since its production only external and print design can be edited.

Corrugated Boxes

Although heavy products are oftentimes shipped in rigid boxes if the items are too heavy and even if a rigid box cannot work, a corrugated box will do the job nicely. Rigid boxes are made by using corrugated material, so they always keep their structural integrity plus strength intact even when stacked up. That, in turn, helps to prevent more damage and protects the items stored inside. These elements make these types of boxes ideal for all situations and moving.

How Custom Our OEM & ODM Packaging Differs From Others!

On the target audience, try to make a significant impact through our custom OEM & ODM product packaging. Because custom packaging boxes are manufactured with great care. Such custom packaging allows the product to fit in desired boxes without any additional difficulty plus offers absolute safety.

In addition, our wholesale custom packaging boxes usually take plenty of effort & time to bring complete satisfaction by going through the different processes for our clients.

You can also get customized printed boxes by printing logos images plus the addition of other factors to enhance the boxes’ beauty.

Beneme’s custom-designed box packaging distinguishes itself from another standard packaging as it allows different companies to produce stylish and unique packaging in terms of distinct identity. As custom packaging offers a reliable and better experience to customers.

Beneme Packaging Services Matches The Standard Of Your Product!

If you’re looking for our custom OEM & ODM packaging boxes, be our partner and just call us now. We have a vast range of designs and styles and you can order more unique designs according to your product requirements. You can trust us as our packaging boxes are perfect as compared to other online companies.

Do you want to take our services for your next project? Then, you are at the right place. Whether you want to safe, store, protect, present, and sell your product, choose our custom packaging. We offer inventive business cards, foil stamp linen folders, Custom Printed Boxes, Kraft Packaging, Cosmetic Packaging Boxes, Shipping Boxes, Retail Packaging, Window Boxes, Custom Food Packaging, etc., dedicatedly.

Concluding remarks

In today’s modern world, we know boxes are predominant owing to their usefulness features not only in the shipping industry but also in other industries too.

Because they make packaging convenient, plus some of these boxes appear with features that can guarantee the safety of all those high-end products that you value so much. In fact, all types of boxes have their unique uses, depending on your need and intention to carry them.

For more information, contact our professional sales to assist you!

Emiee Zhang

Emiee Zhang

Emiee, the sales manager of Beneme Company, has been involved in printing and packaging field and foreign trade business for 9 years now. She is fluent in English communication, and has talked with a lot of customers and helped them to get their items customized. Many customers start from zero to a huge sale of some hot printing items with her cooperation.


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