Printing Products Catalogue

Since printing items are mostly customized, it is hard to provide a specific catalogue actually. But our guys have worked it out to make it more convenient for you to have a general idea about printing and the items we make. 

What you can have from this PDF?

With more than 20 years’ experience in the field of priniting and packaging and over 8 years experience in foreign trade business, Beneme knows what customers mostly like to do and the base price in Chinese factory. This PDF will provide you with:

  • Various useful printing and packaging ideas.
  • Knowledge of price range based on different quantities.
  • The factory price of many items, so to avoid being ripped off on price by any suppliers.
  • Capacity of deciding the final purchase price by yourself with us.

Yes, we have sorted out the very helpful inner information of many printing and packaging items here. Just hope this page will not be found by our competitors!

Get The Product Catalogue For Free

 This PDF is worked out by our team who worked with foreign trade business for over 8 years, offering the specific amazing ideas and prices!

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This PDF is really helpful! Just the ideal one that can give me a reference when I talk price with our supplier.
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Very specific! Different prices based on different quantities. Prices amazing!!

Great Ideas and Useful Materials

You might not be interested in our product catalogue, but I suppose you must be curious about the printing and packaging filed. So we have  searched and collected some of the most hot selling products as reference, as well as some great webs and materials that will be helpful to you in creating the items you need.

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